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BRCATESTUK Partners: Innermost Healthcare

Expert, personalised, medical care for pregnant and non-pregnant women

Innermost Healthcare are experts in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Maternal and Fetal Medicine and Infertility.

We provide expert, personalised medical care for both pregnant and non-pregnant women including a wide range of wellbeing services. We also provide private pre-pregnancy counselling, pregnancy care and newborn screening with emergency consultations 7 days a week.

A consortium of reproductive health specialists based at the Cardiff Gate Business Park in South Wales, we offer a range of services such as the Nuchal Translucency Scan to screen for Down Syndrome, the new Harmony Test and NIFTY Tests – non invasive prenatal testing for Down Syndrome, various pregnancy scans, antenatal care, fertility testing and screening for sexually transmitted infections and ovarian cancer.

Led by  Cardiff University's Consultant in Fetal Medicine Dr Bryan Beattie, all our clinical services are backed up by access to a medical consultant who is an expert in their field should you need any further help, advice, tests or treatment.

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BRCATESTUK uses the Color test within our service

Color Genomics test is part of BRCATESTUK's hereditary cancer testing service