Partners and Products: Everything Genetic Ltd

BRCATESTUK Partners: Everything Genetic Ltd

Helping companies to rapidly assess and gain access to the UK Genetics markets

Everything Genetic Ltd provides a solution to many of the issues facing patients and health professionals alike.

A lack of inward investment to the UK from abroad

Due to perceived high barriers to commercialization, complicated and closed NHS system and small private market

Problems with product distribution model/companies

Usually companies with little focus on technical products and small marketing budgets to support

Problems with independent commercial and market access consultants

Too niche in experience and not ‘flexible’ enough to manage the market access to distribution next steps.

We offer simple business consultancy-based support, deeper level distributor sales support or a combination of the two.


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BRCATESTUK uses the Color test within our service

Color Genomics test is part of BRCATESTUK's hereditary cancer testing service